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October 10, 2014 |

Closing your NH Cabin? Pump Your Septic Tank.

As you prepare your property for winter this  fall, remember  all parts of your household and have your NH septic tank pumped by Lakes Region Septic.  Be ready for the next season!    ...

April 28, 2014 |

Save Our Lakes & Waterways in New Hampshire with Proper Septic Care & Service

Loving New Hampshire means protecting it.  Whether it’s taking in the seven lakes of Wakefield, boating  Lake Winnipesaukee,  swimming Lake Wentworth,  or fishing Lake Ossipee and the waters in between.  From Effingham to Alton, Wolfeboro to Rochester, what happens in your backyard can affect everyone.   That’s why maintaining your Residential Septic System, regularly pumping your Septic Tank in the NH Lakes Region should not be overlooked.   If you are here at home year round or seasonally, protect your property and the water table, lakes, rivers and streams for both you and your neighbors as well as for our generations to come. Sewage is the BIGGEST cause of Ground Water Contamination in the U.S.!  Out...

July 11, 2013 |

Maintaining Your Residential Septic System is Good for Your Wallet, Good for Your Health & Good for the Environment

Did you know that one-quarter of all U.S. homes have septic systems? Most people living in rural NH likely do have a septic tank on their property and residential septic system.  Therefore, many Lakes Region residents and businesses need to be aware of guidelines for NH septic pumping, guidelines for NH septic tanks and rules for NH septic installations.  If you’re not properly maintaining your septic system, you’re not only hurting the beautiful New Hampshire Lakes &  Environment, you’re also putting your family’s health at risk—and may be flushing thousands of dollars down the drain! EPA’s SepticSmart initiative is a nation-wide public education effort that aims to inform New Hampshire homeowners living on properties...

May 30, 2013 |

Is Your Septic System Malfunctioning?

Soggy or flooded leach field area? Slow draining toilets or drains? Gurgling sounds in your drains? Sewage odors? Protect your health and the environment with properly installed and maintained septic systems. Call Lakes Region Septic of New Hampshire 603-522-6246 to schedule service.

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